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Rabbit Vibrators

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We asked our graphics team to supply us with a selection of rabbit designs to adorn the Love Lizard's sex toy guide, the image to the left was one of the rabbits they came up with, we know the image is not appropriate to this page, but we thought it so cute we just couldn't get rid of it, (Rabbits have come a long way since Beatrix Potter).

The rabbit style vibrator, also known as the multi-functional or dual vibrator are the most popular, and in our opinion the most effective vibrator that money can buy. Not all multi-functional vibrators are modeled on rabbits some are based on dolphins, some on bees and some even resemble bugs! They normally consist, but not always of a penis like shaft, sometimes rotating, with a rabbit-like finger protruding from the base of the vibrator usually with its own built in motor which vibrates against the woman's clit leading to multiple stimulation and a heavenly orgasm. Some rabbit vibrators are designed with a greater distance between the shaft and the rabbit-like finger making them suitable for anal stimulation. They have been often featured in the press and on numerous television shows such as "Sex in the City" which has led to them becoming extremely fashionable and they are a great addition to any woman's bedside cabinet.

Below we've featured a selection of our favorite and most popular rabbit vibrators they vary in price and design but as a guide the more expensive vibrators have a better build quality, in other words you get what you pay for!

The Erotic Rabbit Vibrator

Erotic Rabbit VibratorThe infamous new Erotic Rabbit one of the best known rabbit vibrators is a further development of this best selling rabbit. This new rabbit features a high-tech integral control unit, leaving one hand free to do other things. Features multi-speed control and reversible rotation, excellent clitoral stimulation Uses 3 x AA batteries. To discreetly buy one today click here Erotic Rabbit Vibrator

The Ladybug Vibrator

Ladybug VibratorNot exactly a rabbit, but this derivative the Ladybug Vibrator is just as satisfying. Normally women scream, turn and run at the site of a bug in their bedroom, but not at this one, let the red Lady Bug burrow into your pussy, stroking and caressing your clit with its vibrating antennae. It has a one touch control panel for vibration and shaft rotation settings. An exciting alternative to the rabbit vibe. To discreetly buy one today click here Lady Bug Vibrator

The Ravenous Rabbit Vibrator

Ravenous Rabbit Vibrator The World famous Ravenous Rabbit. A well built amazingly powerful vibrator with a vibrating and rotating spiral shaft, controlled by precision finger activated control box. Whilst the shaft squirms and rotates deep inside the vagina the rabbit ears vibrate against the clitoris Every pussy should experience this level of stimulation at least once in its life. An essential piece of technology for the sexually aware. Uses 4 x AA Batteries. To discreetly buy one today click here Ravenous Rabbit Vibrator

The Honey Bee Vibrator

Honey Bee Vibrator It might not be brightly coloured, but this Honey Bee Vibrator will certainly buzz you into an unforgettable orgasm. This classy, rabbit style vibe rotates and squirms in all directions, coupled with the vibrating clit or anal stim it makes an appealing possession for all sexually aware females/couples. We have collected excellent feedback on this top quality product. Uses 4 x AA batteries. To discreetly buy one today click here Honey Bee Vibrator

The Jack Rabbit Vibrator

Jack Rabbit Vibrator Featured on various TV shows including "Sex In the City" The amazing little Jack Rabbit vibrator will make you squirm with pleasure. Whilst the beads revolve and gyrate around the entrance of the vagina the little rabbit ears deliver vibration just where you need it. The Jack Rabbits vibrating ears are a suitable length for both clitoral and anal stimulation. This model comes with an independent control unit for ease of use. Uses 3 type C Batteries. To discreetly buy one today click here Jack Rabbit Vibrator

The Water Bunny Waterproof Vibrator

Water Bunny Waterproof Vibrator SPLISH SPLASH I WAS TAKING A BATH! Well now you can, enjoy a relaxing bath whilst pleasuring yourself with the gorgeous Water Bunny vibrator, the textured shaft vibrates deep inside your pussy, just lie back and position the rabbit ears to stimulate your clitoris. You'll have the cleanest most satisfied pussy in town! Uses 2 x AA Batteries. To discreetly buy one today click here Water Bunny Vibrator

The Deluxe Rabbit Vibrator

Deluxe Rabbit Vibrator A jelly multi- functional rabbit vibe with integral controls. The Rampant Rabbit has dozens of pleasure balls that move around inside you whilst the rabbits ears stimulate your clitoral or anal regions this deluxe rabbit is sure to make you orgasm again and again. It has new independent functions and can rotate in either direction, a great value vibrator. Uses 4 x AA Batteries. To discreetly buy one today click here Deluxe Rabbit Vibrator

The Mini Rabbit Vibrator

Mini Rabbit Vibrator This adorable compact rabbit vibrator measures just 5" long and will fit nicely into any woman's hutch. It is moulded from squidgey blue soft jelly material with conveniently placed rabbit ears to stimulate your clitoris, into a frenzy of passion. Probably the smallest rabbit vibrator available. Uses 2 x AAA batteries. To discreetly buy one today click here Mini Rabbit Vibrator

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The rabbit vibrators featured above are just a small selection of the many different models that are available today other popular models include the Jessica Rabbit, Osaki Dolphin vibrator, Dual Dolphin Vibrator, Jelly Crystal Rabbit Vibrator, Pearl Diver Jelly Vibrator, Smooth Slide Rabbit Vibrator, Jack Rabbit Vibrator, Erotic Rabbit and the Pearl rabbit Vibrator to name but a few. When using a vibrator or rabbit vibrator it is recommended that a suitable lubricant be applied to the head of the vibrator to aid penetration. In order to prevent the spreading of disease it is essential to keep your vibrator clean after use. Never share your vibrator with other persons. When using sex toys for anal penetration it is a good tip to unroll a condom over the toy, after use the condom can be easily removed and safely disposed of to aid cleaning.


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