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Who said that the women are going to pleasure themselves more than men? There are plethoras of sex toys that will stimulate the male to unsurpassed orgasms. Why be like the next man? Take matters into your own imagination and not your own hand per say. Over the last few years, Fleshlight, has started a new movement in favour of a manís masturbation preference. Fleshlight has moulded male masturbation toys after porn starís pussy, mouths and even asses. Each one of these impeccably gorgeous stars is just waiting for you to enter their pleasure zone.

Another great sex toy for men are penis pumps. These types of male sex devices and toys are a joy that many men have enjoyed. Originally designed as an enlargement tool for the male penis, the penis pump can now be a manís best friend. There are hundreds of models to choose from that include features such as vibration and multi-speed sucking. No matter what model or feature you are searching for in a penis pump, you will be able to find it within a reputable online sex shop.

The following are just a few of our favourite delicious male sex toys that can increase a manís masturbation pleasure to an incredible height. A person should remember that quality comes with a price. Inexpensive throw away male masturbation toys are just that. Like anything in life you get what you pay for.

Hand picked and selected for reviews from - one of Australia's biggest adult shops.

The Dr Vax Erection Penis Pump

This model comes with the larger 10Ē tube to accommodate men of all sizes, just a few pumps on the rubber bulb creates a fantastic sensuous vacuum which exercises the main penis muscle and gives you a rock hard erection. Comes complete with a multi-speed vibration unit for the ultimate effect. Uses 2 x AA batteries. To discreetly buy one today, click here to view all of the penis pumps

Factor X Penis Enlarger

This is a top quality penis enlarger, includes 3 different sleeve sizes to suit men of varying girths, large 12Ē chamber with integral ruler to check progress. The pump is fitted with a pressure release trigger for ease of removal. One of the better penis pumps on the market.To discreetly buy one today, click here Factor X

The 'Lust Buster' Vacuum Penis Pump

The Lust Busters all you need to feel the sensation of having a really large penis and exercise your penis muscle at the same time. Chamber size 7.5Ē with integral ruler, multi-speed vibration unit for your added satisfaction. Makes a great masturbation device Uses 2 x AA batteries.To discreetly buy one today, click here Lust Buster

Another popular male sex toy are the simulated vaginas and butts, these are constructed from life-like materials some are motorised, others are not. It is always best to use a suitable lubricant to avoid damaging the toy and to improve the feeling experienced.

The Pocket Pussy

This vagina is a combination of a penis pump and a vibrating pussy. Slip the pocket puss over your penis, squeeze on the penis pump and feel the puss gripping your member tight, when you think it canít get any better, just switch on the vibrating masturbator unit for that ultimate orgasm. Uses 2 x AA Batteries. To discreetly buy one today, click here to view all of the Mastubrators

The Giant Pussy

Highly recommended male masturbator. This life-like pussy has a soft fleshy feel and is textured on the inside. Once your penis has been inserted into the puss you can select the level of vibration and rotational massage that you require. Uses 3 x C Batteries.To discreetly buy one today, click here Giant Pussy

The Pussy Pouch

This Juicy little Vagina is made with ĎLovecloneí the most realistic skin ever produced, when stretched it bounces right back to itís original position. Built into the inner wall of your pussy masturbator is a tunnel of ridges that are spaced evenly apart to create the realism and textured softness of a real vagina supplied with anti-friction talc.To discreetly buy one today, click here Pussy Pouch

Love dolls are mostly bought by single males, they vary immensely in quality, the cheapest love dolls are constructed of thin plastic with printed faces and unformed hands and feet. The more expensive dolls are made from thicker plastic , they have hair and realistic eyes with moulded breasts and vibrating love tunnels made of real-skin material. Many of the cheaper models are purchased as a joke for stag parties and the like, there are also male love dolls available these are used by both men and women.

Ashleigh Cyber Love Doll

Ashleigh is made from the most realistic material available and will satisfy your every sexual desire. Her Microskin fanny and anus are so realistic she'll have you coming in seconds. These top quality love dolls come highly reccommended. To discreetly buy one today, click here Ashleigh Love Doll

'Kylie' Kneeling love doll

Inviting life size inflatable doll. She has soft young breasts, curvaceous hips, real hair, soft sensuous open mouth, luscious vagina and an appealing tight anus. The way she kneels forward makes her irresistible to the doggy style connoisseur. One of our more appealing love dolls. To discreetly buy one today, click here Kylie Love Doll

'Big John love doll

John is a lusty lad with a large vibrating cock to provide you with all the pleasures you could wish for. He also has an anal hole for your intimate loving, so i suppose you could call him bi-sexual.To discreetly buy one today, click here Big John Love Doll

'Cyberskin' Raylene Doll

Virtual Touch life-size dual purpose sex dolls. Simply push your penis into her soft pussy or anus and feel the 'Cyberskin' tight around your shaft, It looks and feels like the real thing! She also has an attractive face with a custom designed mouth for deep throat satisfaction. You can stroke Raylene's red-brown hair or squeeze her curvaceous breasts as you thrust your member deep inside. The 'Cyberskin' sleeve can be easily removed for cleaning and can be used separately as a masturbator. She'll keep you up all night! To discreetly buy one today, click here 'Cyberskin' Raylene Doll

The Virgin Doll

The Virgin has an amazing life like vagina that has a membrane that you will be first to break into. When broken she fits perfectly to the size of your penis for an incredibly realistic experience. Firm breasts and blonde hair. She saved herself just for you! One of the best love dolls we do.To discreetly buy one today, click here The Virgin Doll

Virtual Head

Made from 'Microskin' the Virtual Head masturbator feels like a real blow job when you push your cock deep into it's soft luscious lips. The feel of this multi-speed oral sex stimulator as it glides up and down your knob is so lifelike, you'd think it was the real thing. Supplied with free Microskin soap & reviver. Uses 2xAA Bateries.To discreetly buy one today, click here Virtual Head

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