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The History Of The Dildo

Many people are under the impression that dildos are a modern man invention. Dildos have been utilized throughout different civilizations for over a thousand or more years. Archaeologists and historians have discovered them in one fashion or another in many societies dating back to the Egyptians, Indigenous groups of people, Chinese dynasties, and Roman emperors as well as on practically every continent humans have occupied. There is plenty of evidence that men and women have been using dildos for sexual pleasure through out time.

Specific sex experts or people who have studied sexual behaviour or devices, each have their own definition of what is a dildo and what is not a dildo. There is consensus that a dildo is a non vibrating sex toy that is generally in the shape of a penis or other male phallic shape. Each person will include or exclude certain sex devices or toys based o their experiences or ideas of pleasure. Some people would not classify a penis prosthetic or penis extensions. Others will classify certain vibrators based on the shape penis shape. Most agree that its shape is made for sexual pleasing of the pussy. Still others will classify anal butt plugs as a dildo. As you can see each person is varied in their reasoning except that the sex device is used for pleasure.


Over time dildos have been constructed from such materials such as leather, wood, stone, crystal, steel and even pottery. Materials have changed dramatically during the 20th Century, although some people still prefer a leather dildo with cotton rag filler for stiffness and flexibility. One break through came during the 1940s when rubber dildos were introduced with a steel spring. These rubber dildos posed serious health problems as the dildo became aged with use. PVC, a plastic compound, was used next in the construction and design of dildos. Softer PVC filler could be used to help with flexibility and rigidness. Today, most of the inexpensive dildos on the market are made from this reliable PVC method of construction. Steel dildos are usually chrome plated and are a favourite of BDSM people. Like glass they can chilled or heated for added stimulation.

A major break through was made with materials during the 1990s when silicone rubber dildos were manufactured for pleasure. Silicone has made designing and constructed dildos more safe as well as a whole lot more pleasurable. Silicone is the perfect unscented material for any pleasuring device or sex toy. With more main stream manufacturing the prices of Silicone dildos has dropped and stabilized making these sex toys the most desired for price and for pleasure. Borosilicate glass or Pyrex is also becoming more popular for its simplistic feel, elaborate designs and the ability to either chill or heat your dildo for even more of a delightful stimulation.

Safety and Health

Most health professionals believe that larger dildos should only be used for visual affect and not necessarily inserted. Again, you know your body better than anyone. Use common sense and judgement.

Once you have decided on your dildos, it is important to buy a good cleaning agent or toy cleaner. Cleaning your dildos after each use is highly recommended no matter what type of health professional you speak with about the subject. Silicone, PVC and other materials can be quite porous and attract disease. Steel or Pyrex dildos are virtually impenetrable for disease. The best safety measure is to clean your dildos after each use as well as utilizing a condom during your pleasuring session. Always be careful when you are searching for that ultimate orgasm. Dildos were not intended for full insertion without a way of easy retrieval.

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