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Classic Vibrators

Classic vibrators are still the general public's favourite sex toy to utilize when searching for that ultimate orgasmic sensation. To make your selection easier we have divided classic vibrators into five separate categories and they include; G-spot vibrators, realistic vibrators, traditional stiff vibrators, jelly vibrators and strap-on vibrators. In this section we examine the wide variety of classic style vibrators. Each category will have other specialty features such as a clit stimulator or perhaps an anal stimulator attachment. There are a number of styles, models, manufacturers, materials and colours to choose from so don't be shy and keep learning what sex toy that is truly right for you and your lover to enjoy.

Below are a few examples of each of the five categories. We will look first at G-spot vibrators that are made to especially stimulate the female G-spot for added sexual arousal.

We'll start off with the g-spot vibrator and as it's name suggest it's main purpose is to stimulate the woman's sensitive g-spot. Unlike most other vibrators the tip of the vibrator is bent to facilitate g-spot stimulation.

Tera Patrick G-Spot Waterproof Vibrator

Tera Patrick G-spot vibrator This is the crown jewel of Tera Patrick's exquisite collection, this magnificent waterproof vibrator is designed with a gentle curve to provide you with stimulation where you most need it, your G-spot. The body of the vibrator has a textured finish that creates added feeling. It has a powerful multi-speed motor that uses 2 x Type C batteries. To discreetly buy one today click here Tera Patrick Vibrator

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Large G-spot Vibrator 8"

G-spot vibrator An exciting flesh coloured G-Spot vibrator, the shaft is curved to hit those sensitive spots, and heavily veined to give extra feeling when moved in and out of the vagina. It has a multi-speed control and uses 2 x AA Batteries. To discreetly buy one today click here Large G-spot Vibrator

Aquatek G-spot Vibrator

Aquatek G-spot vibrator A small classy vibrator with the added benefit of being waterproof. Uniquely designed with a pointed curved tip to help concentrate the vibrations to the sensuous G-spot area. Variable speed vibration. Uses 2 x AAA Batteries. To discreetly buy one today click here Aquatek Vibrator


Next on the list are the realistic vibrators, these are designed to replicate the look and feel of a real penis and have come on a long way since there introduction, the more expensive ones are actually modeled on a real penis! with a texture to match.

8" Realistic Vibrating Cock

Realistic vibrating cockThis one looks and feels like the real thing and it's not surprising as this vibrator is moulded directly from an actual erect penis! Just the ticket for someone wanting a real mans cock inside them. Popular with both men and women. It has a separate multi-speed vibration unit and uses 2 x AA Batteries.To discreetly buy one today click here Realistic Cock

The Emperor

The EmperorThis is a top quality vibrator, looks and feels like a real penis, one of the best quality and value dongs we've seen at the Love Lizard, can be used by both men and women. To discreetly buy one today click here Emperor Vibrator

The Bully Boy

Bully boyLarge flesh coloured cock with prominent veins for extra sensation, beautifully sculpted multi speed vibrating dildo. It is textured at the base of the shaft for clitoral stimulation. Extra wide girth for people seeking that extra fulfillment. As you can see comes in black or white, multi- speed. Uses 2 x AA batteries.To discreetly buy one today click here Bully Boy Vibrator.

The Double Intruder Vibrator

Double intruderWell this is something a bit different! A realistic flesh vibrator but with the added bonus of a second smaller penis for anal enjoyment. Go on double your pleasure! remember to use a recommended lubricant, get relaxed and don't rush things. (Uses 2 X AA Batteries). To discreetly buy one today click here Double Intruder Vibrator.



The rigid or classic style vibrator is based on an earlier design but still remains a popular choice with women for a number of reasons. The vibrators are normally constructed out of smooth rigid plastic which makes them easier to keep clean than some of the textured ones. Because they are a simpler design and have less moving parts than some of the modern vibes, they are usually more reliable and offer great value for money.

The Classic White Vibrator

Classic white vibratorA traditional 7 inch white vibrator with a ribbed shaft, ideal for deep penetration or if you prefer you can use the tip to stimulate your clit into spasms of orgasmic pleasure. This great value vibrator is powered by 2 x type C batteries. To discreetly buy one today click here The Classic White Vibrator.

The Lavender Smoothie

Lavender smoothie vibratorThis is a great value smooth vibrator it is fitted with a variable speed control and comes complete with batteries and its own plastic case. To discreetly buy one today click here The Lavender Smoothie

Pink Silencer Vibrator

Pink silencer vibratorYou can use this 8 " vibe just about anywhere without the risk of being heard, it has totally silent vibration with all the power and control of a regular vibe, ribbed shaft for extra sensation. Uses 2 x Type C Batteries.To discreetly buy one today click here Pink Silencer

Marble Delight Vibrator

Marble delight vibratorEnjoy a marbleous feeling with this soft touch marble coloured vibrator, set the variable speed then lay back for orgasmic delight. Easy to clean. Uses 1 x AA battery. Length 7 (17.7cm) Width 1.25 (3.1cm). A great budget vibrator. To discreetly buy one today click here Marble Delight Vibrator

The Jelly type vibrators are constructed from a soft, normally translucent material and are usually flexible. Some women prefer the softer jelly style vibrators because of their similarity in feel to a real penis.

Shooting Star Soft Jelly Vibrator

Shooting star vibratorAt 9.5 inches he's the star of the jelly multi-speeds! Manufactured from a jelly-like material it is soft to the touch but still retains a firm powerful action. At the base of the shaft you'll find a bulbous clit tickler to help send you into orgasmic heaven! A very popular jelly vibrator sure to satisfy the greediest pussy Uses 2 x AA Batteries.To discreetly buy one today click here Shooting Star Jelly Vibrator

Pearl-Diver Jelly Vibrator

Pearl diver jelly vibratorUsable Length 6" (15.2cm) Width 1.5" (3.8cm). Rabbit style jelly vibe. Look no further for the ultimate stimulator as vaginal, clitoral, and anal pleasures reach new heights. The soft jelly shaft squirms and twists deep inside your pussy whilst further up, rotating beads gyrate together delivering intense feelings of pleasure, coupled with the clitoral vibrator a fantastic orgasm is sure to be achieved. The control box is equipped with two independent power sliders for your optimum level of comfort. Uses 3 x type C Batteries. To discreetly buy one today click here Pearl-Diver Jelly Vibrator

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The classic vibrators featured above are just a small selection of the many different models that are available today other popular models include the Emperor vibrator, Tera Patrick G-Spot Waterproof vibrator, Aquatek G-spot vibrator, Black Jack vibrator, Black Mambo vibrator, Gold Finger Vibrator, Heavy Metal Dildo, Blazing Aristocrat vibrator, Honey Pet vibrator, Mini Thorn vibrator, Pearl Shine Waterproof vibe, Slimline G-spot vibrator, Tasmanian Devil vibrator, The Butterfly Massager, The Deep Prober vibrator and the large vibe they call The Satisfier to name but a few. When using a vibrator or rabbit vibrator it is recommended that a suitable lubricant be applied to the head of the vibrator to aid penetration. In order to prevent the spreading of disease it is essential to keep your vibrator clean after use. Never share your vibrator with other persons. If you use your vibrator for anal pleasures it is good practice to cover it with a condom to ease cleansing and prevent the spread of diseases.


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