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Anal Sex

Sexual behaviour which involves either the anus or rectum is commonly referred to as anal sex. Anal sex usually takes place with a hard penis. People also anally masturbate with sex toys and this should be classified as anal sex can take place with either a penis or other sex toy.

Anal sex has been enjoyed in most societies, economic classes and ethnicities. Unfortunately anal sex is still barred in many countries around the world and even some states in the U.S.

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Anal sex is usually maligned by associated with the terms sodomy and buggery. Anal sex is quite different than sodomy and buggery because these two terms are actually inaccurate for defining anal sex; these terms are associated with a variety of forms of other sexual activities. In some areas of jurisdiction, sodomy is defined as any non-coitus sexual act which often times includes bestiality as well as oral sex.

There are several taboos or stigmas attached to anal sex in some Western countries for centuries. Anal sex was used as a tool to discredit many different religions by some heretical movements in Europe during medieval times. Once rumours where started about members and clergy members having anal sex, the label of homosexual was placed on many of these Christian clergy members because celibacy was required theses rumours would portray clergy as being attracted to the same sex. Buggery was a label placed upon these people based on the rumours of same sex preference for sexual intercourse. The Bulgar region of Europe was one of the last places to take part in heretical practices of Christianity. Researchers have even found woodcuts and other forms of art from the medieval time period with people kissing the anal region of a animal like figurine that is believed to portray the Devil.

More times than not anal sex is closely related to homosexual men, even though many heterosexual couples have found pleasure in anal sex. Gay men are similar to other people in life and may or may not even participate in anal sex.

Heterosexual couples

One fascinating study by Edward O. Laumann's The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States revealed that close to 20% of all heterosexuals had engaged in anal sex. While some cultures in Latin America, the Mediterranean area and especially Brazil, his research unveiled that up to 50% of the people in these areas have performed anal sex acts. Women in these areas of the world have found that they enjoy the sexual stimulation and pleasurable orgasms associated with anal sex but they have also used anal sex as a means of birth control or in an effort to keep the young woman's virginity intact, so that the breaking of hymen may take place after marriage. Although it would be good to point out that anal sex is not the best form of birth control and can be unreliable.

Anal sex runs the gammon of gay men to straight men. Many people think that this sexual act is confined to gay males but more and more straight men have been willing to participate in anal sex because of the pleasurable orgasms one can receive from practicing anal sex with your female lover. Straight men enjoy when their female lover placing one or two fingers into their anal region as well as bigger sex toys like handkerchiefs, butt plugs and dildos too. The practice of “pegging” is associated with BDSM and is more common for a female dominatrix to use on her male lover during BDSM sexual sessions.

Gay and lesbian couples

According to Laumann's research, 80% of American gay and bisexual men have performed anal sex. Anal sex has been viewed as a common sexual practice for many gay and bisexual men by our society. Astonishing enough his study concluded that not all gay men have performed anal sex or found it to their sexual liking. Not all gay men are as promiscuous as you might have thought, with a small portion waiting to have anal sex with only a committed partner.

Through out our history there have been cultures that viewed anal sex with same sex partners as a normal way of life. The Ancient Greeks are a prime example of this. In Ancient Greek culture older men were encouraged to spark a sexual relationship with a younger boy, generally in the gymnasium or while training to fight. Anal sex was quite prevalent during this historical time period. It is no wonder why today a preferred anal sex position is called “Greek Love” or “Greek Style/Position.”

Like any human sexual relationship the couple must have an “active” and “receptive” participate. Some gay couples prefer sticking to either being on top or bottom while having anal sex; however this is not true for a majority of gay couples. Many enjoy switching places now and then.

There is different cultural behaviour around the world when one refers to a man in the top or bottom position. Some people believe that only the bottom man is gay by receiving anal sex as opposed to the top man administering the anal sex. In most Anglo-American Homosexual communities do not think there is a difference and refer to both the top and bottom participates as being gay.

Surprisingly enough anal sex is becoming more common between lesbian couples; although anal sex it is not generally a preferred sexual activity. The popularity of anal sex has increased in recent years, based on the amount of new anal sex toys that lesbian couples can now purchase.


Sexual pleasure during anal sex can be very intense for either participates, whether you are inserting your penis or receiving a penis or sex toy in your anus. The anus area is highly erogenous and full of stimulating nodes that are similar to those found in the penis and the clitoris. Many people both heterosexual and homosexual have experienced some of their best orgasms while having anal sex.

The sexual experience each sex will have during anal sex differs based on the sex. Men are aroused because of the prostate gland which is near the rectal wall, while women tend to be more aroused because the rectum wall shares a plethora of sexual nerves with wall of the vagina too. This is also why some women enjoy the feeling of double penetrating the rectum and vagina simultaneous.

Communications, foreplay, and lubrication can enhance the enjoyment but always remember to start slow with penetration.

Health risks

There is several health risks associated with anal sex, particularly with sexually transmitted diseases. HIV Aids virus is the most common disease associated with anal sex. Doctors and such recommend wearing a condom on your penis or sex toy during anal sex as a possible deterrent to disease but also caution that condoms are not fool proof. Like any type of sexual activity check with your partner and make sure that both parties are disease free before engaging in consensual sexual activities.

There is also some risk of health and comfort from anal sex too. Women have a built in moisturizing mechanism in their vagina that is not present in the rectum. The vagina is also strengthened by sexual activity. Lubricant is always advised for a more pleasurable anal experience but remember oil based lubricants actually destroy latex condoms, so it is best not to pair these together. The muscles associated with the rectum also move involuntarily; thus making a slow, careful and sensual insertion necessary. Some doctors recommend never touching other parts of your body or your mouth with objects that have been in play with your anal region. They believe this helps restrict the spread of bacteria. One would never know this given the anal sex portrayed in pornographic videos.

Insertion is the key to a pleasure experience with regards to anal sex. You are better off selecting sex toys that do not have edges or points that could damage your anus membrane. More over you should always use a sex toys that can be easily removed too. Many dildos are fashioned with a flared base to prohibit total insertion into the anal cavity. Health care professionals also suggest never inserting any type of sex toy or penis longer than 20 cm into your anal area. This will help avoid damaging your colon, which is no stronger at times than a wet napkin. Be careful when you share your sex toys and it is highly recommended, if sharing a sex toy, to replace the condom after each persons usage. Remember also to clean your sex toys after anal sex diligently. Buy a good toy cleaner and put it to good use.

Anal sex is no different than normal vagina sex in that the person receiving the sexual action is comfortable in knowing their own pain thresholds. Simply stop if the pain is too intense. All sex should be taken seriously and is generally more dangerous when drugs or alcohol are mixed into the sexual equation.

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