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Anal Sex Toys

More and more people are finding that anal sex toys add a certain new dimension to love making and masturbation. We have compiled an exciting guide to the various new anal sex toys and devices that are now available through many online sex shops. Anal sex when enhanced by anal sex toys often bring lovers to the perfect orgasmic pleasures that they have been seeking with their partner. Not only do anal sex toys have the capabilities of giving someone an anal orgasm but they are instrumental in stimulating the sensitive sexual nerves that exist between the walls of the rectum and vagina. Anal sex toys are not just for gay men and manufacturers have known this for years.

The following anal sex toys are some of the most exciting anal sex toys available today and the Love Lizard guide will help you select your new favourite anal sex toy.

Most of the anal toys that we reviewed for this article were found on sextoys247 website - you can see their full anal toys range here.

Listed below are a varied selection of the Love Lizard's favorite anal toys.

Anal G-spot Stimulator

Anal G-spot StimulatorThis toy is designed with a curved shaft making it easier for the user to reach the sensitive anal G-spot area. An excellent aid for increasing your orgasm intensity. Suitable for beginners of anal exploration. Requires 2 x AA batteries. To discreetly buy one today click here Anal G-spot Stimulator

Vibrating Black Butt Plug

Vibrating black butt plug This is one of the many styles of butt plugs available. Made from soft black rubber this one comes with a built in vibrator for added enjoyment. Gentley insert the butt plug into your anus, switch on the powerful vibration unit and enjoy. Separate muti-speed control box powered by 2 x AA Batteries. To discreetly buy one today click here Vibrating Black Butt Plug

The Tripple Ripple Butt Plug

Tripple ripple butt plugA well designed three stage white butt plug. If it's your first exploration with this type of toy, apply a suitable lubricant to the butt plug and just ease it in gently up to the first stage, as you become more relaxed and aroused insert the plug a stage further. To discreetly buy one today click here, view all of our butt plugs

Anal Beads

Anal BeadsOne of the simplest and least expensive anal toys available, for ease of cleaning the beads are made from smooth plastic held together by a length of nylon cord. Apply plenty of lubricant, then insert them one by one into you or your partners anus, on the point of orgasm slowly pull the beads out of the anus, this will add extra sensation intensifying the orgasmic experience. To discreetly buy a set today click here Anal Beads.

The Porator

The PoratorA great value vibrating anal toy ideal for both women and men, made from easy to clean smooth plastic. The shaft is indented and slightly angled to reach those sensitive places, measuring 5" in length the porator is ideal for beginners comes complete with multi-speed control unit, requires 2 x AA Batteries. To discreetly buy a set today click here The Porator

The Professional

The ProfessionalThe amazing vibrating beaded rod the ultimate anal power tool can also be used as a vaginal vibrator. The rod is flexible allowing you to reach those sensitive parts other tools can't reach. New easy to use push button multi-speed controls. Requires 3 x AA Batteries. To discreetly buy a set today click here The Professional

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