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Masturbation is a sexual activity that is part of a larger sex category known as autoeroticism. Masturbation is associated with the stimulation of sexual organs such as the penis, rectum and the vagina. Masturbation can take place with yourself or by having another person manually stimulate your sexual desires. Generally, masturbation is a sexual act that takes place when you are alone. People that like to masturbate are known to use a varied assortment of sex toys for stimulation and assistance in finding that perfect orgasm.

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There are many different definitions for the word, masturbation. Some believe the word is a combination of the Greek word for penis µeea and turba which is the Latin based word for disturbance. Even others believe the word is from a Latin phrase which can be defined as "to defile with the hands". No matter how you derive the word many individuals sexually pleasure themselves through masturbation.

At one point in time masturbation was associated with onanism, which is rarely in existence today. The sexual activity of onanism was inaccurately tied to the Biblical story Genesis 38:7-9. The story goes that Onan was a male that did not wish to make his dead brothers wife pregnant. It is said that Onan "spilled his seed upon the ground" instead. Today, Onan's actions are interpreted to and related more to coitus interruptus than masturbation. Onanism is rarely used in todays society to describe masturbation.

Masturbation among human females

Most females have masturbated one time or another in their life. Masturbation for women is quite unique and offers a woman the chance to find her right pleasure buttons before seeking a partner. Generally women masturbate by playing with their clitoris, vulva and sometimes their rectum. Anal masturbation for women has become popular in recent years because of the advent of many sex and anal toys. Women around the world are experiencing intense orgasmic pleasure by using the various models available that not only will stimulate the inner vagina but also stimulate the clitoris and anal areas simultaneously. Some women have found that using a vibrator is a great way to experience a double penetration sexual experience with only one partner or no partner at all!

Masturbation among human males

Let's face it. Men like to masturbate because men like to have orgasms. Men generally grab their penis and stroke it several times to become hard and then continue to stroke the penis more rapidly until there is a sexual orgasm achieved. Most men believe that it is easier and the sensation greater when the man is circumcised, thus allowing for more contact directly with the foreskin and the head of the penis. Most men will use some kind of lotion or lubricant when they are masturbating but it is not uncommon for a man to only spit on his hand. In a 1989 Australian survey of men, the research showed that almost 2/3 of all circumcised men preferred masturbation with a lubricant. Interestingly enough the survey also showed that nearly all of the uncircumcised men liked using a lubricant. Men have learned through masturbation what exactly they have to do in order to explode with that perfect orgasm.

Men will masturbate in different ways. Some men who can reach their penis with their tongue prefer to blow themselves. Others prefer using a sex toy such as an artificial pussy, ass or mouth. And others will use a penis pump or even perhaps an apple pie (joke!).

No matter how you slice it when a man ejaculates, there is generally a mess that follows. Stroking sex toys, condoms and even a rag can help with making clean up easy.

Methods common to both human genders

There are literally hundreds of positions and stimulating techniques that are used by both men and women. Some people may enjoy a quick insertion of a finger, a butt plug, rubbing of the sensitive sexual areas, an electric vibrator or dildo. Some men enjoy masturbating with a dildo in their ass while they stroke their manhood, while women might prefer a dual tipped vibrator that pleases their anus and their pussy. Lubrication is generally preferred in all instances by both sexes. Another thing common to both sexes is generally the viewing of pornographic material while masturbating to improve the fantasy value of their orgasmic revelation.

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Health and psychological effects

Hands down, masturbation is the safest form of sexual pleasure. There are fewer diseases and unwanted pregnancies when people of both sexes masturbate. Over the years numerous studies have been conducted that could not link masturbation with any harmful side effects. Never the less some social conservatives and people with staunch religious backgrounds have been known to frown upon masturbation and some people might suffer a guilty feeling during or after masturbation.

There are exceptions to all beliefs or actions in our lives and it is possible for a woman to become pregnant at any time when semen is involved. Men and women who masturbate together take a chance of semen swimming to a place they did not imagine or think possible. Sexually transmitted diseases can also infest your partner if the right health and safety precautions are not utilized.

You should always be concerned with your health and that is why it is important to clean all objects, whether a dildo, a butt plug or vibrator before inserting the sex object into your body. Never insert something into your body that can not be easily removed by you or your partner. Choose your sex toys wisely and make sure they have a flared base or a way of easy removal before the pleasure clouds your mind.

Can masturbating prevent cancer?

In 2003 researchers from Australia guided by Graham Giles of The Cancer Council released a study that cancer might be prevented by males that masturbate regularly. Their study showed that masturbation, more importantly ejaculation posed fewer threats to the male body thus minimizing prostate cancer in the study. Solo masturbation removes the threat of other possible diseases that can be contracted by having sex with a partner.

Masturbation in history and society

Albert V. Todd was the first person to actually receive a patent for a device that would help prohibit man from masturbation. This device sounds absolutely horrid. The device would release electric shock and actually ring bells of notification. The worse part had to be the insertion of metal spikes in to the unexpected male who only wanted to satisfy themselves. This was just a plain evil device for men to have to wear. But at times in our society masturbation has been frowned upon and will probably continue to be frowned upon until people are more comfortable with their own sexuality.

Masturbation has always had a stigma attached to the sexual activity of self pleasuring. As we have discussed there are no harmful short or long term effects to your body that can be associated with masturbation. Yet, over the years there have been cruel devices invented in an attempt to minimize or eliminate masturbation. Many of these devices or so called remedies such as electric shock, eating different foods, and even physical restraint have stopped people from finding their ultimate pleasure zone while masturbating. To top off all the negativity talk about masturbation, there are some people that believe your palms will become hairy based on your pattern of masturbation.

Hairy palms are a significant teaching of the older Catholic about what happens when a person masturbates. According to the Catholic Church masturbation is also an “Offense against chastity” and some older Catholic believers think that masturbation is a crime against marriage or future marriage. Still others believe masturbation is sign of immaturity and even psychological problems.

The Love Lizard simply believes that if masturbation feels good and heightens your sexual awareness then masturbate all you want!!!

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