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Just over ten years, in the year 2000, the U.K. passed legislation that made the sale and viewing of hardcore consensual adult pornography legal. According to the British Board of Film Classificationís (BBFC) own rules; a person that is of 18 years of age or older can buy R18 dvds from sex shops in the U.K. that hold the appropriate business licenses. There is one other catch though; you are not allowed to have these R18 dvds delivered by mail from any address in the U.K.

For many years online sex shops have found inventive ways to circumvent around the delivery from the U.K. Online sex shops in the U.K. have used different methods to ship R18 dvds from creating shell corporations, linking to another online sex shop out of the U.K. in a different country or even overseas. But recently the British government has cracked down on these operations and have begun to levy heavy fines upwards of £27,000.

For the moment it appears that British government has closed these legal loopholes. For the time being it is possible for any British online sex shop to be prosecuted for linking or selling R18 dvds over an unauthorized website. This action could have an immediate affect on the online sex shop industry as well as the adult film industry in the near future.

The BBFC does have their for hardcore adult R18 dvds and videos guidelines available for the general public to view. These rules are as follows:

Content that contains any of the following details is not permitted:

The BBFC has deemed the following content acceptable:

As you have read these specific guidelines do not differentiate between sexual activity involving either heterosexual or homosexual.

18 Certificate films

In the U.K. it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to either rent, buy, possess or view in a cinema any hardcore R18 dvds or videos. The BBFC has always stated that adults have the right to view their own entertainment, as long as that entertainment is within the existing laws. The BBFC contrary to all of these rules and regulations have rarely intervened in R18 films in an actual cinema but the BBFC has been known to intervene with R18 dvds and videos, with respect to younger viewers. The BBFC has little constraint on language, horror, nudity, sexual actions, or theme.

However the BBFC can cut or reject any content that is similar to; detailed illegal drug use, violence or dangerous activities which promote harm as well as some very sexually explicit scenes or activities without a justifiable cause by the context.

Sex Education at '18'

Some sexual content truly desires to educate and inform the public on subjects such as safe sex, mental health, and human sexuality. As with everything in life there are exceptions to every rule and the BBFC can restrict the sexually explicit material to only educational or instructional purposes.

Sex Works at '18'

All content that Material which seems to be replicated can generally pass '18' but many real life sexual scenes and activities will be confined to a minimum.

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