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Human sexuality takes on many different forms from pansexual to omnisexual to homosexual to heterosexual to bisexual. The bisexual person is sexually attracted to both the male and female genders. A bisexual person generally has a preference of either men or women but they are capable of having sexual orgasms and relationships with either gender.

Table of contents
1 Terminology
2 Prevalence of bisexuality
3 History of bisexuality
4 Bisexuality in Western Culture
5 The bisexual flag


Pansexual and omnisexual are often times confused with bisexual. These two terms relate more to the acceptance of all genders, thus including transsexuals and intersexed persons as sexual partners too. Pansexual people also have a penchant for BDSM and other rarer sexually experiences. A trysexual person is nothing more than a person who will engage in any sexual activity at least once in their life. Lastly, a monosexual person will only have sex with one specific gender.

Prevalence of bisexuality

Over the years there have been many studies completed on sexual behaviour. The most highly regarded study was completed by Alfred Kinsey. His seminal work on sexuality, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953), provided information that high percentages of people have bisexual tendencies. His studies concluded that these people have some lust or sexual attraction to both sexes. Kinsey believed that only 5-10% of sexually active people should be classified as either heterosexual or homosexual. He also concluded that even fewer people should be classified bisexual.

True bisexual people are able to incorporate their lives in both the gay and heterosexual communities. Bisexuals are masters of becoming invisible in the public eye. With the ability to commingle in both communities has greatly helped bisexuals cause in life. But some bisexuals want to be noticed and have created their own smaller movements to increase visibility. This movement led Michael Page to design a new bisexual flag for the group to rally under.

History of bisexuality

From a historical context bisexuality has been prevalent in society for thousands of years. All societies of peoples have portrayed bisexuality behaviours at one time or another. There is a distinction here though; homosexual behaviours in ancient culture, was in fact simply bisexuality. People viewed the act of homosexual behaviour as opposed to the person performing the acts of homosexual behaviour.

This can be seen through the eye glass of history with the men and women of Ancient Greece, where homosexual relationships took place even though they were married. We see this behaviour also in ancient cultures of the Roman, Japanese, Chinese and even in the Arabic world too. For most it is common knowledge that Alexander the Great had a homosexual relationship with his best friend Hephaestion as well as having multiple wives. Through out time the upper and lower echelons of society had intimate homosexual relationships.

Another example is the ancient Spartans, who had many wives and the state encouraged the spawning of many children. But the ancient Spartans took homosexual relationships to a whole new level believing that sexual encounters between soldiers helped incorporate a more cohesive fighting unit that involved fighting not only for Sparta but for their lover too. Spartans were ferocious in battle protecting each other from harms way through their actions of masculinity.

Bisexuality in Western Culture

Many people associated with the Gay and lesbian movement believe “bi now, gay later” is an accurate saying. But there are many in these same communities that try to be perceived or have attached the bisexual label to them in order to enjoy heterosexual privileges. Gay and lesbian communities are also portrayed differently in television, music, popular culture and even pornographic videos. How many times have dreamed of a bisexual event with your wife or partner? Our guess is quite a lot and you did not even realize this fact.

The bisexual flag

Every sexual movement in the world has their own flag. The bisexual flag is a simple red or pink stripe located on the upper section that represents homosexuality, on the lower section there is a blue stripe representing heterosexuality and lastly a purple stripe in located in the middle section. The significance of the purple stripe is based on the melding together of the blue and red stripes.

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