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You have finally found a site that offers quality, honest and practical reviews of sex toys. Welcome to the Love Lizard sex toy guide. We pride ourselves in providing you with the best possible reviews found on the internet, reviews that are honest and full of useful information for you to use when buying your next sex toy.

Nearly all of the toys are provided for review by - we appreciate the support, and no money or goods have exchanged hands for these reviews - they are all honest, reliable an independent!

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We love our jobs and we love offering you our professional unsolicited advice about our experiences with sex toys. Whether you are a lover of dildos, anal toys, dongs, rabbit vibrators, male sex toys, DVDs, Bondage or you just want to know about different adult shops; then you have to stay around and read some of our articles written by our very own star sex professionals.

You will find entertaining articles written by people who think the internet was born just for porn. Now, not all of us agree about this theory. However one thing remains certain, we do all agree that the privacy of ordering sex toys over the internet from your own home has a lot of sex appeal.

Compared to ten years ago, many more people are now buying their sex toys from an online adult store as opposed to the local sex store down the road. Remember those days when you would drive to the other side of town out of fear that someone may see you? Well the simplicity of reviewing, buying, and sharing ideas about sex toys now got a lot easier, thanks to the internet.

The number one selling item at any adult store is definitely the trusty vibrator. The appeal of vibrators has been on the rise for many reasons; the pleasure they provide combined with the abundance of choices available, especially with the wide variety of makes and models on the market today.

Some question whether the popularity of the vibrator is contributed to popular TV shows like "Sex in the City" or "Two and a Half Men" and yet others believe people are more in touch with their sexuality.

With thousands of models being designed, there are endless options available and making a purchase may prove intimidating at times. We are here to offer delicious, luscious and precise reviews of sex toys and products to help make your purchase less daunting.

CLASSIC VIBRATORS This is by far the most sought after of all sex toys. Classic vibrators are available in a plethora of shapes and styles. I bet you did not know that vibrators have been around since the invention of the electric motor..... More information on Classic vibrators

Ravenous Rabbit Vibrator

RABBIT VIBRATORS These types of stimulating vibrators are generally constructed with two pleasuring devices; a vibrator and a clit stimulator, each with its own motor. Designed to please your total pussy, these sex toys are gaining in popularity because of their total pleasure capabilities. Manufacturers are making a wide assortment of rabbit vibrators that include rotating beads, animal shaped tips, several speeds and multiple different functions..... More information on Rabbit vibrators

Anal Beads

ANAL SEX TOYS People today are more in touch with their sexuality and understand what other areas of their body can experience extreme sexual pleasures too. Anal sex is not just for gay males anymore. This area is highly sensitive and can add to you or your lovers climaxes. Both men and women have been using anal sex toys to masturbate for some time and these people find the sexual stimulation delightful and delicious. Anal sex toys have many people experiencing their ultimate orgasm..... More information on Anal Sex Toys

SEX TOYS FOR MEN There are a wide variety of playful sex toys for men on the market today. Men are having just as much fun as women. There is life size love dolls made to look like your favourite female movie star whether she is Pamela Anderson or your favourite porn star! Manufacturers have even moulded hand held masturbators into perfect replicas of a womens pussy and the feel of the silicone skin is almost life like....... More information on Male Sex Toys

R18 DVDs & VIDEOS Learn all of the legal ins and outs of buying hardcore R18 classification DVDs and videos on the internet........... More information on the legalities of R18 dvds

THE HISTORY OF VIBRATORS Doctors have been using vaginal stimulating devices for centuries to cure a womens hysteria. Doctors have been helping patients reach orgasms through masturbating. Electric powered vibrators first showed up on the market during the 1880s............ More information on the the history of vibrators

THE HISTORY OF DILDOS Dildos have been an intricate part of most all civilizations in the world from the Olmec to Maya to Roman Emperors to Chinese Dynasties. This fact should not be surprising to you since humans have been searching for the perfect orgasm since our inception. There is archaeological evidence as well as painted sexual murals of fantastic orgies taking place. People have been playing with dildos for millenniums and enjoying every minute of pleasure they can find......... More information on the history of dildos

SEX SHOPS A person can find a sex shop in most populated parts of the world depending on the culture of the country. In the UK, a person that is 18 years of age or older can peruse the various sex toys offered to the horny consumer. Sex shops will generally carry a wide assortment of sex toys and sex devices such as vibrating panties, edible underwear, sexy lingerie, condoms, vibrators and penis pumps just to name a few. Only licensed sex shops are legal to purchase hardcore R18 Dvds and videos...... More information on sex shops & online sex shops.

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